Providers of Whole Life Insurance in Canada

If there is one thing Canadians do not have is enough choice when it comes to life insurance. There are currently over 100 life insurance companies that sell policies so you can be forgiven if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. For those looking for whole life insurance, the question becomes even more confusing. Despite the fact there are so many insurance companies, not all of them offer whole life insurance plans. The reason is that because whole life insurance is a much more involved and complex product. So how do you find a company that offers whole life insurance and how do you know if it’s a good company to invest with.

Canada’s Biggest and Best

The following list features companies that are among the largest life insurance brands in Canada. All of them offer whole life insurance.

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Big Company or Good Deal?

For the majority of people, being insured with a large company is a good bet. The test of time is a pretty good predictor that an insurance company will continue to exist well into the future.

It is important to note that any life insurance company in Canada are members of Assuris which guarantees that any death benefits are paid out even if the company were to collapse. This is a legal requirement for all insurance companies must adhere to in order to offer life insurance in Canada. In the event of a company’s financial collapse, your policy would be transferred to a solvent insurance company and your coverage would continue. This is not the ideal, but can afford you peace of mind, especially given the recent global economic turmoil. Any reputable broker or insurance professional will be dealing with companies backed by Assuris. For those who would like to extra sure, has a list of its member companies published on its website.

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