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Canada’s ’30 Year Term’ Life Insurance Policy

30 Year Term Life Insurance is a popular form of term life insurance as it provides coverage for an extended period. In contrast, whole life insurance also provides long term coverage, but is substantially more expensive due to it’s built in savings component. As the name suggests, this form of life insurance covers you for 30 years, meaning if you were to die within that period the death benefit is guaranteed. It’s premiums are also guaranteed to never increase for those 30 years, which make it the ideal budgeting companion for many families.

The main benefits of 30 year term life insurance include:

– As it is a form of term life insurance, getting covered is usually as straight forward as choosing a sufficient level of coverage, and giving some basic information.

– Most term life insurance plans offer the option to convert to a whole life insurance  policywhich can make saving for an enjoyable retirement easier.

– The premiums you pay are guaranteed to never increase for the length of the term, and are substantially lower than whole life insurance.

– Provides coverage for most young families with a time period that extends across all major periods of their lives including post secondary education.

But, with over 100 life insurance companies in Canada, finding the best coverage can be a time consuming process…

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