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Protect Your Family or Mortgage with Term Life Insurance

Straight forward and direct, term life policies are the easiest way to get coverage. For the majority of applicants, simply choosing your term length and the amount of coverage you require along with answering some basic medical questions, is all that is required. These terms can range from a year to 30 years, depending on how long you need protection for. Plus, the premiums you pay remain the same which makes this type of coverage ideal to budget with.

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As with all life insurance products there are always things to consider. Term life insurance does not accumulate cash value, meaning that unlike whole life insurance, you are not entitled to any of the money you paid in premiums. Plus, renewing an expired term life insurance policy can be very expensive depending on your current life situation when your term expires.

Life insurance serves a very specific purpose: to provide financial protection for your beneficiaries. Owning sufficient life insurance means those you love would not be burdened with mortgage and debts, and could maintain their current lifestyle, without your financial support. is the first step to getting the best coverage at the best price.

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Canadian Companies That Sell Term Insurance

There are more than one hundred companies (and thousands of agents and brokers) selling term life insurance in Canada. Some of the companies that offer these policies include AXA, Canadian Premier Insurance, CIBC Insurance, CPP Life Insurance, Medavie Blue Cross Insurance, London Life Insurance Company, Kanetix Insurance, Excellence Life Insurance, RBC Insurance and Manulife. Visit our Directory page to learn more about some of these companies as well as a number of other insurance providers in Canada.

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