Canadian companies that provide Term Life Insurance

With over 100 companies registered and licensed to sell life insurance in Canada it can be a time consuming process to know if you are getting the best price. Next to price, the company that issues a policy can be a very important factor. Although any company that is licensed in Canada to sell life insurance must be also registered with Assuris, many people feel their best option is to still buy life insurance from an established company.

The larger, more recognizable companies in Canada that offer term life insurance are:

Most life insurance brokers represent a few companies that offer life insurance, so it is important to consult with a few professionals to ensure the coverage that is being offered is indeed your best option. specializes in comparison shopping and makes the insurance companies work for you. By simply answering a few questions, you gain access to Canada’s largest qualified network of independent insurance professionals.  Once we have your information, we match your needs with brokers who are best qualified to handle your individual insurance needs. Although you are under no obligation, many of our past clients have found our method the easiest way to get the best coverage, quickly and stress free. Let help you today.

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