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Life Insurance and the TD Bank Group

TD Insurance is just one of the many companies owned by TD Bank Group. TD Bank Group has the distinction of being one of the largest financial services organizations in Canada. In addition, in terms of direct-response home and auto insurance, TD Insurance is the largest company of its kind. TD Insurance likes to deal in affinity marketing, a type of marketing in which the company works with various groups in order to offer insurance to members of said groups. TD Insurance is known for offering high quality insurance products in the areas of life insurance, health insurance and general insurance.

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TD’s Term Life Insurance

One of the life insurance products TD Insurance offers is term life insurance. Term life insurance is a type of insurance that only covers you for specific period of time, as opposed to permanent life insurance that covers you for the entirety of your life. TD Insurance’s term life insurance is only available for residents of Canada in provinces other than Quebec or New Brunswick. This term life insurance is available for a period of ten years.

To help you determine how much life insurance you will need, TD Insurance will ask about immediate expenses that will need to be paid after your death. Examples of immediate expenses include mortgages, personal loans, educational expenses, emergency expenses, funeral expenses and probate fees. TD Insurance also needs to know how much money you want to provide for the long-term. If, as the primary breadwinner, you brought home $70,000 a year, how much money do you want your family to continue to receive per year, and for how many years should they continue to receive this money?

TD Insurance also sells critical illness insurance. Although not technically considered a life insurance product, critical illness insurance is often sold as a supplement to life insurance. Critical illness insurance is a type of insurance that pays out if the insuree has a heart attack, has a stroke or is diagnosed with cancer. Someone stricken with one of these illnesses is bound to be hit with a multitude of unexpected medical expenses. Critical illness insurance can help the insuree pay off these bills, and in the unfortunate event that the insuree dies from said illness, it can help the family pay off the deceased’s debts.

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