Life Insurance for People Living in Surrey, BC

Being a provider means having to face up to the uncertainties that come with life. No one knows the future, so it can be reassuring to know that even in the event of the unthinkable, your family would be financially protected and would maintain the lifestyle you are working to provide them with. But what is up to you is just how reassured –aka protected –you are. Things like the mortgage, car payments, or your child’s educational future can all weigh heavily on that peace of mind.

So how do you know the amount of coverage you currently have, or are planning on getting, is adequate? You have a couple options. Most people start with the default research tool: they google it. The problem with google is the information you get can be anything but pertinent. There is a lot of money in life insurance and a lot of opportunists looking to make a buck. As a result there is a lot of misleading information. For example, many “consumer sites” suggest whole life insurance as the better insurance type vs. term life insurance. Unfortunately, for the vast majority, a term life insurance policy is a better choice. Guess which one offers the bigger commission.

That’s where comes in. We want to bring the experience of personalized attention back to the whole experience. That’s why our quotes are prepared just for you by a broker in your community. Not only do you get an accurate quote, but you also get the expertise and guidance of a local licensed professional, and not an agent working in a call centre in Ontario.

When we say buying insurance can be an easy, we mean it. Request a free personalized quote today and see the difference of the personal, local touch.

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