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Short Term Life Insurance is a popular type of policy and a great way to get coverage for a predetermined amount of time. For a large majority of Canadians, buying life insurance cover is meant to protect their loved ones for a certain period of time, such as raising their children. Having grown children who are financially independent, means you also no longer have people relying on your financial support. A short term life insurance is designed for situations such as this, as it provides coverage at a significantly lower price.

When looking to purchase a policy, it is important that you take some things into consideration. For example, ensuring your policy not only provides adequate coverage, but you are also aware of what happens when it expires. When a short term life insurance policy expires, renewing your policy can be significantly more expensive. Many insurance companies offer the option to convert your policy to a whole life insurance policy which will never expire. This option is called convertibility, and allows you to widen your coverage without having to submit to a medical examination.

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