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Whatever you’re buying – be it a new car or life insurance – it’s nice to know you have options. Or, at least it was when there was only 2 types of cars. Now the sheer amount of choices the average consumer has is mind boggling. Currently, there are over 100 companies who sell life insurance in Canada, and that’s just companies. Try looking for Richmond Life Insurance in the yellow pages and you’ll get the picture. Not only that, but each one of these offer their own variation and pricing on otherwise basic policies. That’s marketing for you.

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What is the Average Consumer to do?

If that’s you (the average consumer), then you probably do what most Canadians do and turn to the internet. So you start to sift through the massive amounts of information hoping to find the best information for some one living in Richmond BC, and not Richmond, Virginia. It might sound a tad cliche, but there is a better way. It’s us.

See, what we do is different than our competitors. Instead of connecting you with a call centre in Ontario or beyond (India seems popular these days), we connect you with a licensed insurance professional from Richmond BC. Instead of giving you the scripted answer and the hard sell, you get a broker who gets to know your own unique and personal situation when it comes to protecting your family financially. Combine their guidance and expertise and make it easy on yourself. Life insurance doesn’t have to be confusing, and you shouldn’t shy away from something so important because it’s intimidating. Start with and end with peace of mind. Request a quote today.

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