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How to Get Reliable Life Insurance

Finding reliable life insurance is a challenge many Canadians face when they begin to shop for life insurance. Reliability is a matter of trust, and unfortunately the life insurance industry is to often portrayed as unscrupulous in the media, and overcoming this stereotype can be a major hurdle.

Thankfully, in Canada the life insurance industry is well regulated by the government, which works to ensure any life insurance product you purchase is fair and reliable. Regulating this industry is both federal and provincial governments. In addition to these controls, many independent associations also operate in Canada that work to ensure that brokers have access to continual professional development. This, combined with a commitment to continually improving the standards of qualification that is required in licensing independent insurance brokers makes finding reliable life insurance in Canada a safe bet.

Qualified Trust

How else can you be sure that the life insurance that you are purchasing is reliable? All life insurance professionals are licensed and certified, meaning in order to sell insurance in Canada they must undergo extensive training. The Life License Qualification Program (LLQP) and the Life Licensing are exams that are specifically designed to provide the certification that is required by all provinces to sell life insurance. Obtaining your life license in Canada means that you possess the required knowledge of the services and products that are available in Canada. These tests are regulated by the government which means you can be confident the independent broker you are working with can provide you with reliable life insurance. is committed to connecting consumers with certified professionals across Canada. The independent brokerswe work with are as committed as we are to making sure the insurance products you purchase are the perfect fit. Let us work with you to help get the coverage you need at a price you deserve.

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