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About Reliable Life Insurance

The Reliable Life Insurance Company is an insurance company that has been around since 1887. Reliable Life was created by a group by the name of the Canadian Order of Chosen Friends. Originally, this Canadian Order was part of the larger group of the American Order of Chosen Friends. However, the Canadian members of this American group became dissatisfied with their membership when Americans made death claims upon the group, which raised the premiums that Canadian members had to pay. Thus, the Canadians split off and created their own group.

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Old Republic Insurance Group

Originally, Reliable Life went by a different name – “Reliable Life” only came about in the 1940s. Today, the company is a part of the Old Republic Insurance Group. Old Republic has a very good financial standing – A.M. Best rated Old Republic’s insurance subsidiaries A+ (Superior), and Standard and Poor’s rated the subsidiaries AA (Very Strong).

Reliable Life administers or underwrites a total of 13 private labeled companies in both the United States and Canada. Some of the insurance products sold by Reliable Life and its companies include travel insurance, life insurance, long-term disability insurance, child accident disability insurance and health insurance.

Short & Long-Term Travel Insurance

One of Reliable Life’s most prominent insurance products is its travel insurance. Reliable Life is proud to say that over 1 million travelers per year are covered under Reliable Life travel insurance policies. Reliable Life is the largest private label insurer in Canada as well as the largest Canadian-based travel insurance supplier in the United States, and its sales of travel insurance have dramatically grown within the past several years. Both short-term and long-term travel insurance policies are available, and any policies can be customized to meet your traveling needs.

Accident & Health Insurance

Two other products sold by Reliable Life are accident insurance and health insurance. Reliable Life has been selling these insurance products for over 35 years. They are able to be customized depending on your particular job and needs; for example, a homemaker has distinctly different coverage requirements than a construction worker does. Things that you can add to your policies include disability income insurance, in-hospital money plan, personal accident coverage and extended health plans.

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