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LIFECOVER.CA’s COMMITMENT TO PRIVACY is committed to ensuring the personal information that you provide us with is used to help ease the process of buying life insurance by connecting you with qualified, licensed insurance professionals. In connecting consumers with qualified brokers, is entrusted with valuable personal information. We understand that you value your privacy. This privacy policy governs the information that you share with us through this website, as well as how we may collect, use and share this information.

It is our policy that, unless we are given permission by you, we will not sell, nor disclose your personally identifiable information to third parties.

We collect your information for the sole purpose of helping consumers shop for insurance by connecting them with insurance agents or other vendors, as applicable. By clicking “Get Free Quote” and seeking a comparison report (which we sometimes refer to as “Quote(s)”), you authorize and agree that the information you are sharing with us can be used to introduce you to insurance agents, insurance companies, and/or other vendors, as applicable.


By clicking “Get Free Quote” and requesting a comparison report (which we sometimes refer to as “Quote(s)”) you acknowledge and agree that up to (3) providers may contact you using the information you have shared with us. You also acknowledge that you have read and understand the Terms of Use of this website and agree to be bound by them.

The personally identifiable information you provide us with may include:

  • First and Last Name
  • Postal Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Birth

We process this information as described herein and also for such purposes as:

  • To deliver our products and services to users,
  • To conduct research and analysis in order to maintain and improve our products and services,
  • To alert you to product updates, special offers, updated information, and other new services (You may opt-out of these communications if you so choose.); and,
  • To contact you in response to your requests for information.


A cookie is a small bit of information that is stored on your hard drive.  This information is only a record of the information supplied to us by a visitor.  The cookies that uses are unable to read data from your computer, nor are we able to read any information created by other websites.  Cookies are an effective way for us to gauge the effectiveness of our site, and how we can improve our visitor’s experience.

If you choose to disable your cookies, simply follow the prescribed method provided to you by your browser.


Like the majority of websites that you visit, collects aggregate statistics about online usage. This information is collected on mass, meaning it only tells us broad data about which pages are viewed and the number of people who visit our website, without recording information specific to individual users. This information is simply a way to measure the effectiveness of a number of factors (like server capacity, and site management) which is used by us to improve the performance of this website.


Visitors to are logged by our server for information such as the internet address of the computer contacting us, as well as date and time and how visitors found the site.  Additionally, specifics such as your browser, operating system and screen resolution are also catalogued.  This information is used to better understand what our visitors are looking for and how we can improve the quality and value of the site.  This data that is collected is not shared or sold to outside organizations, nor does it identify specific users and their usage patterns.


Any data information that is transmitted over the internet can not be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, we cannot ensure or warrant the level of security of any information you transmit to us, and you do so at your own risk. Once we receive your transmission, we make reasonable efforts to ensure the security on our systems.  LifeCover has employed the use of secure server software and firewalls as part of our efforts to protect your information form unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. That said, no security method of transmission or storage is completely safe and we simply cannot guarantee that such information may not be accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed by breach of such firewalls and secure server software. By using our site you acknowledge that you understand and agree to assume these risks.

If we learn of a security systems breach, we may attempt to notify you electronically so that you may take appropriate protective steps. By using this website or providing personally identifiable information to us you agree that we can communicate with you electronically regarding security, privacy or administrative issues related to your use of this websites. We may post a notice on our website if a security breach occurs.

Any questions regrading our security are best submitted to us using our online form.

COMMUNICATION OF PERSONAL IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION is designed to connect consumers with certified independent life insurance Brokers across Canada, as well as with information on related products and services.  We do not charge consumers for this service. By submitting your information you are consenting to having your information shared with insurance providers for the express purpose of receiving a customized insurance quote.  This relationship that you have initiated with means that we, or one of our carriers, affiliates, vendors or partners may (1) contact you by telephone; (2) contact through email; (3) contact by mail; or (4) contact by fax. (5) contact by text.

If at any time you desire that or one of its affiliates cease contact with you, simply send us a letter detailing your request on our online form.

Your Personal Information Options is a public site, in that anyone may use it without providing any personally identifiable information.

If you choose to share your personally identifiable information with us, you are explicitly agreeing to a relationship with and therefore consenting to, and requesting contact and information from or up to four (3) of its providers.  As such, this relationship waives any right including claims made to the National Do Not Call List (DNCL) that extends in perpetuity to claim that we, or our affiliates, vendors, or partners, contacted you without consent.

If at any time you desire that or one of its affiliates cease contact with you, simply send us a letter detailing your request on our online form.

Carrier, Partner, Vendor, and Affiliate Privacy Policies may share your personally identifiable information with insurance carriers, vendors or affiliates for the express purpose of receiving a customized insurance quote and/or insurance related information. is not liable or responsible for these third-party company’s privacy policies, or procedures, as well as any loss or breach of data through these third-party systems. For further detail about their Privacy Policies, please contact these organizations with your enquiries and questions.

Email & Testimonials does not accept email messages related to its insurance comparison report services. Enquiries and questions may be communicated by submitting your questions with our online form.

Questions, comments and suggestions received by become its property. We may decide to share this information with appropriate third parties who would be better suited to address your enquiries, or comments. All information submitted to through its online form becomes property of and, as such, may be used for any purpose (such as marketing and product development).

IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS takes your concerns and complaints seriously. Whatever your issue, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can work with you to resolve it. The majority of issues are usually resolved simply by bringing it to our attention. The quickest way to contact us is to fill out our online form.

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