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If you’re considering buying life insurance, hang on – it can be a bumpy ride. Trust us, it wasn’t always like this. Before the internet, getting the advice you needed was as simple as opening up the Port Coquitlam yellow pages and choosing whichever ad caught your eye. Now, this are different. Instead of the local broker, you are constantly bombarded with offers from every medium imaginable. “Call this toll free number,” or “click here for instant quotes.” The problem is you don’t know who you’re dealing with. That’s where we step in.

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Unlike our competitors, is pushing back from instant and moving towards accurate. Life insurance is a major investment, and a confusing one at that. With so many companies offering so many products, you can be excused for feeling a little overwhelmed. That’s why we connect you with a licensed professional who actually knows where Port Coquitlam is; someone who is ready to answer your questions and explain your options. Because when it comes to protection for your family, “instant” just really doesn’t seem all that important.

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