Life Insurance in Prince Edward Island

The smallest province in Canada, in both land mass and population (estimates in 2009 put the population at around 141,000), is a distinction worn proudly by the residents of Prince Edward Island. Located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, this little island is rich in Canadian heritage, offering a great number of attractions for any taste. For many, the biggest draw is experiencing the rich pastoral landscape of rolling hills and picturesque beaches. Many chose bicycle as their preferred mode of transportation, giving them the option to stop in at the many small fishing communities and experience the renown Eastern Canadian hospitality firsthand.

For the most cosmopolitan traveller, the province’s capital Charlottetown has an exciting variety options of watering holes and restaurants, all accented by its a Victorian-esque architecture. Many of Charlottetown’s tourists are simply content to bask in the towns rich history, considering it did host the Charlottetown Conference.

Unfortunately, living on such a small island can also have its drawbacks. Case in point, buying life insurance. Finding the best deal means knowing your options which can be a challenge if you’re local broker only works with a select number of companies. Thankfully, the internet has changed things for consumers. That’s where we come in. Because we work with a cross Canada network of brokers, we can help get you the best rates on insurance. Best of all, it’s free to try and our personalized quotes come with no obligation. Experience just how much easier life insurance can be with today.

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