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Life Insurance in Ottawa

As Canada’s capital city and fourth largest municipality, Ottawa is a bustling political and financial hub. This modern metropolis renown for its historic architecture and fascinating history is a global destination with amenities that match any other North American city. Any resident can also attest to the surplus of choice when it comes to any consumer indulgence. Unfortunately this can be a double edged sword as too much choice often leads to confusion over the first step one should take. Perhaps no better example are the financial services. Compared to the local insurance broker of a small town, Ottawa’s yellow pages offers up over two hundred listings under “Life Insurance Agents/Brokers.” Chances are you’re not going to want to leave your choice up to chance, especially considering the importance a professional advisor plays in your financial future.

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Relax, the internet has changed things for the better. was started in British Columbia as an online alternative to finding a broker the traditional way, making the process more efficient and effective. Realizing the potential and seeing the response of our clients we decided to expand our services to other provinces. Soon we had affiliated brokers across Canada who realized that the new consumer deserved to be empowered. So there you have it – the difference. If you’d like to experience for yourself the next generation of consumer choice then request a quote now and see why everyday more Canadians are turning to us first to help save them time and money. Remember, we don’t sell insurance – we help you buy. It’s insurance made easy.

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