How to Find Life Insurance in North Vancouver

How would your family cope financially if your income was taken out of the equation? At its core, that’s the question you are asking yourself when you buy life insurance. Unfortunately, arriving at an answer is anything but a straight-forward operation. Variables such as your mortgage, retirement plans, car loans, and children’s education all factor in, making your coverage amount very personalized. Or, the alternative is you can just go with a “best guess” estimate which many opt to do. For those not willing to guess on their families financial protection, the time tested and truest route is working with a professional licensed broker.

That’s where LifeCover steps in. We help connect you with brokers actually from North Vancouver, British Columbia. In our opinion, the answers you have simply can’t be answered by some one making minimum wage working at a call centre in Ontario. They can be answered by a licensed professional who takes the time to understand you and your families financial needs and goals. Make it easy on yourself. Request a personalized quote today.

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