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New Brunswick Life Insurance Services

The Province of New Brunswick is known for its scenic beauty, the beautiful Bay of Fundy, mountain regions and stunning coastal regions. The 750,000 people of New Brunswick are rugged, self sufficient, hard working individuals, thriving on living with the elements and being able to do things for themselves. With a history of miners, fisherman, farmers and foresters, the people of New Brunswick have instilled a work ethic in themselves second to none.

As a self sufficient people, those of New Brunswick know not to simply pick a name out of the hat when it comes to choosing financial services. Simply thumbing down the pages of the Yellow Pages doesn’t give the citizen of New Brunswick enough information to make an informed decision. And with their time better spent making a hard earned living, they do not wish to invest a great deal of time weeding through insurance companies or insurance agents.

 Assumption Life Insuranceis a company that is based in New Brunswick.

A Better Way

The advent of the internet has changed many things in our lives, and we at have used the internet as a tool to make life easier for our clients. Starting in British Columbia, we have created a network of insurance brokers, pre-screened to suit the diverse needs of our clients. As the system has performed so well, we have expanded into other provinces, allowing the consumer to make their choice for their own insurance needs. Recognizing that a customer’s needs are different; we can place you in touch with a broker who specializes in the insurance options you desire. This procedure allows you more time to pursue the livelihood you work so hard to attain in New Brunswick. Contact us today for a free quote, and find out why our business is growing rapidly. We do the leg work for you; you choose the insurance for your needs.

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