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Medical Exams

Some life insurance companies will require you to undergo a medical examination before allowing you to purchase life insurance.

Most exams can take place at your home or workplace with a paramedical professional whom is provided by the life insurance company. Generally, you will not be able to use your own doctor to take the exam. Different life insurance companies have different requirements for this and depends on the type of policy you are applying for.

The medical exam is paid for by the life insurance company and they are usually very accommodating when it comes to scheduling an appointment that works for you. If you prefer, you can also schedule an appointment with a clinic that has been approved by the insurance company.

The Exam

In a basic medical exam, you will be asked about your family’s medical background to determine if are at a higher risk for any hereditary medical conditions, such as cancer or diabetes. Your physical measurements, blood pressure, and pulse will also be documented. Depending on the company and policy you may also be asked for urine and blood samples, although generally this is not required. You may have to undergo further tests based on the results, or other factors such as your age, as these are used by the insurance company determine your insurability.

An example of a further test may include running, or walking on a treadmill. A treadmill test is often given to people that are 50 years of age and older or if they are applying for a death benefit of over $10 million. Different insurance companies have unique requirements though, so this type of test will not always be necessary.

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Tips for Taking a Better Medical Exam

•  Avoid tobacco products in the hours leading up to your exam
•  Do not consume caffeinated drinks before you take your exam
•  Make sure you get a good night of sleep before you take the test
•  Avoid excessive physical activity in the 24 hours leading up to your exam
•  Don’t drink alcohol for at least 25 hours before your test
•  Make sure to limit your intake of salts and saturated fats and cholesterol

The medical exam is a normal part of your insurance application and you will most likely have to undergo one in order to have your application processed. The only exceptions to this are “guaranteed” life insurance polices, which come with much higher premiums. It is always best to speak with an insurance professional about getting the best coverage available.

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