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The Canadian province of Manitoba, bordered by the United States to the south, Ontario to the east, Saskatchewan to the west and Nunavut to the north, is home to over 1.2 million people. 55% of its population is located in the city of Winnipeg, which is Manitoba’s capital and Canada’s eighth largest city. The word “Manitoba” means “strait of the spirit” or “lake of the prairies,” and it comes from either the Cree, Ojibwe or Assiniboine language. Manitoba contains more than 110,000 lakes; its largest lakes are Lake Manitoba, Lake Winnipegosis and Lake Winnipeg. Other major bodies of water in Manitoba include Red River of the North, Assiniboine River, Nelson River, Winnipeg River and Hayes River. A good 12% of all Canadian farmland is located in Manitoba. Industries in Manitoba include agriculture, tourism, oil, energy, forestry, manufacturing, government services and mining. Something interesting about Manitoba is that one of its main agricultural products is potatoes, and several Manitoba potato processing plants provide French fries for major restaurant chains such as McDonald’s and Wendy’s.

Insurance in the Province

The quality of life in Manitoba is pretty good; Manitoba has enough residents to keep a variety of cultural and sports events going, but at the same time, there are still few enough people that the air and water are relatively clean, there isn’t terrible traffic, and many of the beautiful natural attractions to see are in good condition and aren’t that crowded. Many residents of Manitoba, in an attempt to preserve that quality of life for their loved ones even after they are gone, have opted to purchase life insurance. Although many people are under the impression that the concept of life insurance only came about in the 1700s, they’d be wrong; forms of life insurance have been around since the times of ancient Rome, around 400 A.D. This early type of life insurance was a sort of “burial club.” Members would join and financially contribute to these burial clubs, and in return, when they passed away, the club would finance their burial and sometimes even provide money to the family of the deceased.

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History of Life Insurance

Life insurance as we know it today came about in 17th century England. People who were most interested in life insurance were merchants and ship owners who faced perils while traveling and who wanted to make sure that their families would be taken care of if something were to happen to them. The insurance company today known as Lloyd’s of London has its roots in this time period, as it was in Lloyd’s Coffee House where those merchants and ship owners would talk to underwriters about getting life insurance. Interestingly enough, at this time period, life insurance was illegal in most of the rest of Europe.

Major Cities in Manitoba

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