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Langley, British Columbia

Langley Township is a district municipality east of the City of Surrey in southwestern British Columbia. The district extends south from the Fraser River all the way to the U.S. border, and east to Abbotsford, BC. Langley is a largely suburban community but the outer regions of the city are quite agricultural.

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Langley Life Insurance Directory

Alberta Life Insurance
Suite 20020212 Fraser Hwy, Langley V3A 4E6, BC

Wiffen Financial Services Inc.
21542 48th avenue, Langley V3A 3M5, BC

Schmunk Gatt Smith
204, Langley V3A 3Y7, BC

Daniel Bennett
Langley V1M 2C9, BC

Equine 411
Langley V4W 3X5, BC

Visschers Travel & Cruise
20440 Douglas Crescent, Langley V3A 4B4, BC

Family Compass
langley V2Z 3C1, bc

Cascade Insurance Agencies
20202 66 Ave, Langley V2Y 1P3, BC

Atkinson & Terry Insurance Brokers
20821 Fraser Hwy Suite 43, Langley V3A 4G7, BC

Hub International Barton Insurance Brokers
20443 Fraser Hwy, Langley V3A 4G3, BC

Macfarlane Insurance Agencies
20443 Douglas Cres, Langley V3A 4B6, BC

Wyatt Insurance Services
20334 56 Ave Suite 204, Langley V3A 3Y7, BC

Co-operators Insurance Agencies
5501 204 St Suite 122, Langley V3A 5N8, BC

Broker Plus Insurance Services
21869 56 Ave, Langley V2Y 2M9, BC

Idc Insurance Direct Canada
20212 Fraser Hwy Suite 200, Langley V3A 4E6, BC

Westland Insurance Group
6153 200 St Suite 106, Langley V2Y 1A2, BC

Ias Insurance Appraisal Services
20151 Fraser Hwy Unit 101 B, Langley V3A 4E4, BC

Lakeview Insurance Services
20151 Fraser Hwy Suite 111, Langley V3A 4E4, BC

Sussex Insurance Agency (langley)
19851 Willowbrook Dr, Langley V2Y 1A7, BC

Bay City Insurance Services
7150 200 St Suite 210, Langley V2Y 3B9, BC

B & W Insurance Agencies
19825 Fraser Hwy, Langley V3A 4E1, BC

I.d.c. Insurance Direct Canada
21811 52a Ave, Langley V2Y 1L3, BC

Tansey Insurance Service
19897 56 Ave Unit 109, Langley V3A 3Y1, BC

Atkinson & Terry Insurance Brokers
19705 Fraser Hwy Unit 436, Langley V3A 7E9, BC

Peter F Pook Insurance Agencies
19653 Willowbrook Dr Suite140, Langley V2Y 1A5, BC

Johnston Meier Insurance Agencies
19653 Willowbrook Dr Suite 156, Langley V2Y 1A5, BC

Oucharek Insurance Agency
5033 201a St, Langley V3A 5M7, BC

Coast Capital Insurance Services
22071 48 Ave Suite 104, Langley V3A 3N1, BC

Atkinson & Terry Insurance Brokers
22259 48 Ave Suite 503, Langley V3A 8T1, BC

Alpine Insurance Agencies
4173 208 St, Langley V3A 2H3, BC

Save On More Insurance
8840 210 St Suite 101, Langley V1M 2Y2, BC

Bay City Insurance Service
8840 210 St Suite 503, Langley V1M 2Y2, BC

Capital West Insurance Services
8814 216 St, Langley V1M 2Z9, BC

Homestead Insurance Agencies
8850 Walnut Grove Dr Suite 103, Langley V1M 2C9, BC

Atkinson & Terry Insurance Brokers
20330 88 Ave Unit 210, Langley V1M 2Y4, BC

Westland Insurance Group
4064 200 St, Langley V3A 1K9, BC

Johnson Insurance
9440 202 St Suite 201, Langley V1M 4A6, BC

Johnston Meier Insurance Agencies
19965 96 Ave, Langley V1M 3C6, BC

Whelton Insurance
7785 Telegraph Trail, Langley V1M 3P7, BC

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