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La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services

The La Capitale Financial Group has been around for more than 70 years. La Capitale’s 600,000 members greatly benefit from the many insurance products and financial services provided by the group. The CEO and Chairman of the Board for La Capitale is Rene Rouleau, and the Vice-Chairman is Dominique Dubuc. The La Capitale Financial Group is a rather large one; some of the companies under the group umbrella include La Capitale Civil Service Insurer, La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services, Penncorp Life Insurance Company, La Capitale Financial Services, Promutuel Life, AGA Financial Group, La Capitale MFQ Real Estate Management, La Capitale General Insurance, L’Unique General Insurance, and York Fire and Casualty Insurance Company. Through these companies, La Capitale sells insurance products like automobile insurance, motorcycle insurance, home insurance, renter’s insurance, health insurance, accident insurance and life insurance.

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Types of Coverage From La Capitale

Life insurance through the La Capitale Financial Group comes in three different forms: permanent life insurance, universal life insurance and term life insurance. Permanent life insurance provides lifelong protection and offers guaranteed, fixed premiums and cash surrender value. The four permanent life insurance products available are the Advantage Series, 100% Pure Protection, Horizon 50+ and Affirmative. Universal life insurance is basically permanent life insurance with an added financial investment component. Some nice features that come with universal life insurance include the ability to insure several people under one policy, an interest bonus on the sixth anniversary of your policy, and tax alerts so you’ll never be caught by surprise when you are required to pay taxes on your savings.

Term Life Policies From La Capitale

Term life insurance is very different from permanent and universal life insurance because it only insures you for a specific period of time instead of your entire life. Term life insurance is available through La Capitale in a 10 year, 15 year, 20 year, 25 year, 30 year or 35 year policy. Term life insurance can also come in the form of the 20.10 Protection Plan, which allows you to take out a policy for 20 years, but gives you the option of canceling it after 10 years. Another kind of term life insurance policy is the Provider Plan. Usually, when the policyholder dies, the family receives a lump sum of money; with the Provider Plan, you can have the policy pay out the money in monthly non-taxable payments instead. Then there’s SimpliLife, a term life insurance policy that does not require you to undergo a medical exam in order to be accepted.

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