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Kanetix Ltd – Life Insurance Products is a website that allows people to search for and compare insurance quotes. Gregory Ellis and George Small founded Kanetix Ltd., the company that runs the site, way back in 1999. Before Kanetix Ltd. came around, people shopped for insurance by looking through phone books and calling one broker or company after another. Since it was such a time consuming process, oftentimes people did not do as thorough a search as they should have, and thus, they were not getting the best prices possible. With that in mind, Kanetix Ltd. came into existence. Kanetix also services the United States insurance market through the website

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The name Kanetix has several different references embedded in it. Most obviously, Kanetix sounds similar to “kinetic,” a word that means “of, or relating to, motion.” “Kinetic” is most often seen in association with the phrase “kinetic theory,” which refers to the fact that all substances are made out of particles that are in constant motion. This reference is meant to suggest the unique way that Kanetix hopes to provide fast and up to date information to its users. Also, the “kan” in Kanetix sounds like the “can” in Canada, the country that services. Kanetix spells its name with a “k” to show that they’re different and unusual. The “net” part of Kanetix refers to the fact that the company provides services through the Internet.

Through, people can find insurance quotes for auto insurance, property insurance, critical illness insurance, motorcycle insurance, emergency medical travel insurance, term life insurance, business insurance and visitors to Canada travel insurance. To get a quote on term life insurance, you need to tell your postal code, whether you want single or joint coverage, how much coverage you want, your gender, whether you have ever smoked or used tobacco, and your email address. With that information, is able to get quotes for you from many different life insurance companies. It will display these quotes in an easy to interpret comparison chart. If you see a quote you like, provides an easy way for you to get in touch with the insurance provider in question.

45% of all life insurance searches on are for Term 10 life insurance policies. Term 10 life insurance is term life insurance that lasts for a period of 10 years. Your premiums will not rise over the course of the policy. 30% of all life insurances searches on are for Term 20 life insurance policies. Term 20 is basically the same policy as Term 10 except that it provides coverage for 20 years instead of 10. The remaining 25% of searches are related to Term 30 and Term to 100 life insurance policies.

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