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Green Shield Canada

Green Shield Canada is a health and dental benefit program that prides itself on its innovation, charitable giving and social responsibility. Although you would think such a program would be for-profit, Green Shield Canada is not; it is actually a not-for-profit benefit administrator that was made into a federal corporation in 1992. The company started out as a prepaid drug plan in 1957 – one of the first of its kind in Canada. Green Shield Canada was also first in many other areas, such as when it put together the first online Drug Utilization Reviews and allowed dentists to do their dental predeterminations and submit their x-rays digitally online.

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Prescription Services Inc

Originally, Green Shield Canada went by the name of Prescription Services Inc. At first, the company only had around 25 businesses as clients, but by 1965, Green Shield Canada knew it was on the path to success when Chrysler added its auto workers and their families to Green Shield Canada’s drug plan. In 1970, Green Shield Canada added on dental, vision care and extended health plans. Green Shield Canada’s plan was so good that by 1977, other prepaid drug plans in both Canada and the United States began to copy Green Shield Canada.

Today, Green Shield Canada has over 600 employees, 1.4 million plan members and a revenue of over $1.3 billion. Although the Canadian government provides healthcare to all citizens, that healthcare may not be enough, which is where Green Shield Canada comes in. Green Shield Canada, with the support of Special Benefits Insurance Services, offers three different kinds of programs designed to help members deal with rising health and dental costs as well as unexpected medical benefits.

Prism Precision

The first program is the Prism Precision program. Under this plan, members can get basic health and dental coverage for themselves and their families. With the government cutting back on healthcare, this is a good program for those who are suffering due to not being able to get basic treatments and services formerly covered by the government. You do not have to answer medical questions to be approved, and even those with preexisting medical conditions are guaranteed coverage.

Prism Spectra

The second program is the Prism Spectra program, which offers more comprehensive coverage than Prism Precision. Due to the amount of coverage included in this plan, in order to be considered, applicants are required to provide answers to medical questions, which means that not everyone may be approved. The third program, the Prism Continuum program, combines the best of the first two programs by providing comprehensive coverage to people with preexisting medical conditions.

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