Are you looking for life insurance leads in Canada? has in the past worked with other advisors with online life insurance leads. We are however, no longer providing this service.

If you are looking for life insurance leads, we recommend you reach out to Insurance Squared Inc. Here at we’ve been using Insurance Squared’s leads and their tools for the better part of a decade.

Insurance Squared provides tools that allow you to control your top of funnel – your online marketing.  A typical lead supply in the life insurance industry comes with controls – controls on how many leads you can get, controls on the cost for every lead, even controls on what companies you sell. 

Insurance Squared’s Life Leads Pro; service instead allows you to generate your own leads, from your own website.  Your branding, your clients, your sales, all within your control. 

They’re service consists of two components; first they drive top quality traffic to your site and secondly they provide the tools to convert that traffic to leads.  The traffic is sourced from consumers who are actively, of their own accord, seeking information on life insurance, so it’s the highest quality traffic.  Those consumers are then visiting your website, so they create the highest quality lead.  When you call these leads, they’re seeking life insurance, and they know who you are because they’ve seen your website.

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