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Before the arrival of the internet, comparing life insurance rates was a time consuming process of phoning individual insurance companies. With comparing term life insurance rates simply involves answering a few questions about your insurance needs. This is your first, and last step. is one of Canada’s leading suppliers of professional, personalized life insurance comparison quotes. Once we receive your information, we work with our network of independent brokers to get you the coverage you need, at a price you deserve. Once one of our affiliated brokers finds a policy that fits your criteria, they take care of all the details, ensuring you’re looked after for the entire process.

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– Compare a larger section of the life insurance marketplace.
– Be confident your coverage is the most comprehensive at the best price.
– One simple step has the insurance companies working for you.
– You are under no obligation.
– Fast and much more accurate than “instant” quote engines.
– Have all your questions answered by a certified insurance professional.Life insurance is a major investment, and one that provides coverage for your most important possession. It is crucial that before you sign on the dotted line that you are sure that the coverage you are getting is your best option. continues to help more Canadians get the coverage they need at a price they deserve. Get a hold of us today.

Solutions Financial's quotes are distinctly different than most other online quoting services - we compare premiums AND additional policy options such as renewable and convertible to age, the exchange option, and accelerated death benefits.