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Term Life Insurance for the city of Calgary, Alberta

With a metro population of nearly 1 million people, Calgary, Alberta has consistently been included in the Top 25 Quality of Life Cities in the world, and has recently been voted the cleanest city in the world by Forbes Magazine. Mercer also ranked the city as the world’s top eco-friendly city for 2010. Calgary was also the host to the 1984 Winter Olympic Games – as well as the annual Calgary Stampede and a great deal of festivals throughout the year. Calgary has a wide variety of activities to welcome visitors and entertain those who reside there. Calgary is quite simply, an enjoyable place to visit and an even better place to live.

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Though oil and gas production are a large part of the economy, there is an abundance of light manufacturing and high tech companies working in the region. Calgary also boasts a strong tourism industry and financial services sector. There is a variety of occupations to satisfy the job seeker. As those who live in Calgary know, there are also a great deal of financial services, including life insurance products, from which to choose.

This is why LifeCover chose to expand its service operations into Calgary. The problem with life insurance products if often in how to select the right broker and the right company. LifeCover began in British Columbia, using the opportunities of the internet to allow the customer to browser pre-screened brokers and agents to service the customer better. Obtaining an insurance quote can be completed in a very short period of time. Rather than spending all day going through the Yellow Pages, use our site or give us a call to obtain a quote. We’ve done all of the legwork for you. We are bringing the same service to Calgary, Alberta as was so successful in British Columbia. People in Calgary are used to making quality choices. We intend to make LifeCover a quality choice for Calgary, and all of Alberta.

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