Obtaining Life Insurance for a Key Employee

There is always that one individual that is an essential person to a business. Whether this person is the founder, a partner or a creative force, they are what is considered a key employee. The key employee is so valuable that a number of businesses and organizations have actually taken to obtaining life insurance for a key employee. There are a number of reasons why some businesses and organizations do this. Just imagine that the key employee is suddenly no longer part of the company because of an illness or worse death. Many times, the loss of the key figure in a business can spell significant trouble for a business’s bottom line and future. Thus, to prevent this many businesses and organizations opt to obtain life insurance for a key employee. This provides a base of protection and security in case something should happen to the key employee of a company. 

The Importance of Key Employee Life Insurance

There are a number of reasons why life insurance for a key employee is very important. Often times there is one or two people who really make a company or business with it is. Whether it’s the person that designs all the clothes for a particular company or the person that is the creative force behind the company, this individual is what gives a company or business its brand and selling power. The sudden loss of this person could spell potential trouble for the business because of the huge impact that that key person made. Often times, it is very hard to replace a key employee of a company or business. Knowing this, many companies and businesses will obtain life insurance for a key employee in order to make sure that they have some type of financial support in case something should happen to this very special person. To be quite honest, not having life insurance for a key employee is like hoping that a key player will always be around even though this is not feasible. Thus, it really is in every business and organizations best interest to obtain life insurance for key employee

Benefits of Obtaining Key Employee Life Insurance

There are numerous benefits of obtaining life insurance for a key employee. One of the main benefits is protecting a business organization from the possibility of financial ruin in case a key employee should suddenly pass away. Key employees possess a significant amount of influence when a company on brand to the point that their absence could literally destroy a business’s future. Because of this, life insurance for key employee provides the company a payout upon the demise of the key employee. Furthermore, when a business has this form of insurance, it really does offer some assurance to creditors that even if the key employee passes away the company itself won’t end up failing miserably as the life insurance for key employee does provide benefits in the loss of income should the key employee pass away. Life insurance for key employee also protects investors which is also important because there have been incidents where a key employee has passed and this resulted in the plummeting of stock market prices for that particular business stock. Life insurance offers some assurance to stockholders that the business is still solid even though the key employee has passed on. Finally, life insurance for a key employee not only provides benefits to the business or corporation but also allows the key employee to receive a retirement benefit under the cash surrender value of the insurance policy. These are just some of the benefits that are associated with obtaining life insurance for a key employee.

Requirements for Obtaining and Maintaining Key Employee Life Insurance 

In order for a business or corporation to obtain and maintain key employee life insurance there are some requirements that must be met. For obtaining life insurance for a key employee, the company must prove that there is a particular individual within the company that is a significant force behind a business’s ability to be profitable. Also, businesses and corporations are required to provide some form of value for the key employee in order for the insurance company to provide a value for the work of an insurance policy. Also, many insurance companies will ask general questions such as how old the key employee , what physical state of the key employee and how strong the business is financially at the time of application. To maintain life insurance for the key employee, the business must be willing to pay the premium for this particular insurance on a monthly basis in a timely manner.

Anyone that has a company or business that has one particular individual that really is the lifeline should definitely consider life insurance for a key employee.

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