Top 6 Most Important Birthdays

Some people make a big deal about their birthdays. Others won’t tell anyone what day they were born and would prefer that their birthday didn’t come around every 365 days.

There are some birthdays that we’ll never forget though. We could have been traveling in Northern Europe at the time or it could have been the time your husband bought you your favorite necklace.

There are some birthdays that are significant to almost everyone – here are the top most important birthdays.

1st Birthday

You probably don’t remember your first birthday but I bet your parents do. First birthdays are an important day for small children. Just like your first steps and your first words, your first birthday will be thoroughly documented and remembered by your family for many years to come. If you go through most old photo albums you’ll likely see a chubby baby with some cake on their face. We’ve all been there.

13th Birthday

Many countries around the world don’t celebrate 13th birthday but becoming a teenager is a significant day for most kids. Joining the ranks of the teenage world means more responsibility in your life: you’re not a child anymore but you’re not quite an adult either.

16th Birthday

In many places around the world, turning 16 means you can get your driver’s license. If you were born to drive, then this was likely a pretty exciting birthday for you.

Many young ladies also have their Sweet Sixteen party on this day. Some of these parties can be rather extravagant too.

21st Birthday

In the US, your 21st birthday is usually a significant day because it means you can legally purchase alcohol. For many people this is a big day and one that they’ve been looking forward to for a while.

40th Birthday

Turning 40 means that you’re now middle aged and that means you’re over the hill. Your 40th birthday can be a pretty big deal for some folks – if it’s your birthday expect to be mocked mercilessly – even by friends that are older than you!

100th Birthday

A centenarian is a person that is 100 years old or more. In the UK and its Commonwealth Realms, the Queen will send you a greeting on your 100th birthday. Unfortunately most of us wont make it this far but congratulations to all those that have. You don’t get a letter from the Queen everyday!

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